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Support Fr. James De’Oreo

CUP has directly heard from Bishop Doherty of Lafayette, IN, that Fr. DeOreo continues to receive his full salary until things are resolved. Nevertheless, Fr. DeOreo is paying for his own apartment and legal costs can be very high to fight this matter. We encourage you to support him.  Additionally, in the video it is stated he cannot live within the diocese; that is slightly nuanced in that he cannot live in any rectory or certain zip codes within the diocese.

In March 2022, Fr. James DeOreo was suspended from priestly ministry because of an alleged accusation from a young man and his family.  The young man claims he developed anexoria after Fr. DeOreo promoted the Exodus 90 Program with him while serving at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Zionsville, IN.  The Exodus 90 Program is a program to bring men closer to Christ which includes prayer and fasting.  The Exodus 90 Program was promoted parish-wide at St. Alphonsus, not just by Fr. DeOreo.  From what we know, there is no one else from the parish that has developed anexoria.  The young man in 2020 applied for priestly ministry when he was nearing graduation from high school.  According to legal documents filed in the case, despite Fr. DeOreo’s recommendation, Diocesan representatives determined that seminary would not be a prudent choice for the young man.  Soon after, Fr. DeOreo (along with 95% of the priests in the Diocese of Lafayette) was reassigned to a new parish … Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

After the Diocese decision to decline accepting the young man into the seminary, in January 2021 (according to legal documents filed) the young man wrote a letter of complaint to the Lafayette Diocese alleging that Fr. DeOreo’s promotion of Exodus 90 was linked to the young man’s anorexia.  The Diocese thoroughly investigated the matter and found the claim to be unsubstantiated and took no action.  So in October 2021, the young man expanded his allegations after consultation with his therapist.

You can read the entire legal document that Fr. DeOreo has filed asking the court for Declaratory Judgment to prevent any harm to himself that may be precipitated by the young man and his family’s actions.

Many CUP members know and love Fr. DeOreo for his reverence for the Holy Eucharist and Mass, his orthodoxy, and willingness to serve selflessly.  There are numerous counts of his ability to bring people back to their faith or along their journey to know and love Christ more fully.

We ask you to pray for Fr. DeOreo and financially support him as he battles for truth, justice, and ultimately reinstatement of his priestly faculties.

If you wish to send Fr. DeOreo a note please send it to CUP@corpuschristiforunityandpeace.org.