In the last few weeks, Attorney General Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter(BLM) organization stating, “Protecting Indiana consumers from this house of cards is critical.  There are concerning patterns of behavior from this organization, and we will do what it takes, including this lawsuit, to get to the bottom of it.”  It is nice to see someone looking out for us.  I wish our bishops would.

Why was our Diocesan Bishop not investigating BLM?  Especially when his priest, Fr. Ted Rothrock, communicated that BLM was a bad organization and was warning his people about it.  Why didn’t Bishop Doherty look at BLM’s website, like many did at the time, and see they were a Marxist organization?  Why didn’t he notice that one of their goals was to destroy the traditional family?  He could have seen the leaders were also pro-abortion. There were many alarming aspects of the website and yet Bishop Doherty not only defended them but took the drastic step of suspending his priest.  Why?  Could it be because Bishop Doherty, along with most of our bishops, follows the USCCB and what they promote?  Did he decide that BLM helped enable the racist narrative the USCCB created back in 2018 when they decided racism was a problem?  I believe the answer is, “Yes!”

After America voted for a black president twice, the USCCB created an ad hoc committee on racism in 2018.  According to their article, Open Wide Our Hearts, “structures must change”.   One section states, “The roots of racism have extended deeply into the soil of our society.  Racism can only end if we contend with the policies and institutional barriers that perpetuate and preserve the inequality, economic and social, that we still see all around us.  With renewed vigor, we call on the members of the Body of Christ to join others in advocating and promoting policies at all levels that will combat racism and its effects in our civic and social institutions.”   It continues by quoting Pope Francis, who spoke to the US Congress, “the effects of unjust structures and actions are all too apparent.  Our efforts must aim at restoring hope, righting wrongs, maintaining commitments and thus promoting the well-being of individuals and of peoples.”

How did they conclude that America was still racist?  Their Open Wide Our Hearts article rehashed all the history of inequality and racism in this country while ignoring the great strides America made; through the bloodshed of the Civil War, the laws changed like voting rights and affirmative action, the societal changes like desegregated schools to create equality for all.  Instead, they rehashed historical stories of racism concerning Blacks, Hispanics, and Indians while never stating that racism and bigotry can go both ways.  They write, “Too many good and faithful Catholics remain unaware of the connection between institutional racism and the continued erosion of the sanctity of life.  We are not finished with the work.  The evil of racism festers in part because, as a nation, there has been very limited formal acknowledgment of the harm done to so many, no moment of atonement, no national process of reconciliation, and, all too often, a neglect of our history.  Many of our institutions still harbor, and too many of our laws still sanction, practices that deny justice and equal access to certain groups of people.” 

Where did this sudden interest in racism in 2018 come from?  Why did they decide to write this one-sided view of bigotry and racism?  Could it be because President Trump’s policies that closed the borders and limited the amount of refugees America took in reduced the amount of money they were receiving from the federal government?  After all, under President Obama, the USCCB, one of the largest federal contractors, received hundreds of millions of dollars for their refugee services and poverty industry.  Was their Ad Hoc committee and Open Wide Our Hearts creed their rally cry for enabling anyone who disagrees with them to be called a racist?

Open Wide Our Hearts states, “To foster, in part, such encounters, and to express our strong and renewed resolve to work for justice, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops formed an Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism.  The committee has already begun its work, conducting listening sessions; providing resources about racism; giving tools to dioceses, eparchies, and parishes to begin important conversations about this evil; and exploring needed policy initiatives.  We charge this Ad Hoc Committee to implement the vision of this pastoral letter.  Furthermore, this committee is to develop ways to help facilitate an ongoing national dialogue, bringing successful models and stories of hope to people at all levels.  We also task the leadership of our bishops’ conference to seek meaningful opportunities that deepen understanding, foster reconciliation, and publicly witness to the Churches’ commitment to ending racism.  We commit all the offices and committees of the USCCB to be ever mindful of this imperative.” It seems the bishops were on the lookout to cry ‘racism’ whenever they could.  Fr. Rothrock didn’t have a chance and so he was suspended immediately.  Bishop Doherty, along with other bishops, supported and enabled BLM to align with the USCCB 2018 narrative.

The article continues by saying, “Nationally, taking concrete action should include advocating for equality in how laws are implemented and advocating for moral budgets that reduce barriers to economic well-being, appropriate healthcare, education, and training.”  This is their desire to make sure under any administration whether it’s democratic or republican; their poverty industry continues to get federal dollars as they increase poverty through open borders and refugees.   Meanwhile, most Catholics sitting in the pews, who fund their massive bureaucracy and poverty industry, have no idea about the bishops’ committee on racism and how it enables lawlessness that Americans have not seen since the 1960s. George Floyd was the spark that ignited BLM and Antifa to burn our cities and maim and kill Americans with no penalties.

What we witnessed in 2020 was evil mayhem and many of our leaders bowed to it.  Indiana’s governor Holcomb created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) officer with a salary of $165,000 per year, $30,000 more than the governor’s pay.  Did the legislators approve?  What is the goal of this office?  Is it to make sure Indiana business and government offices toe the line and certain classes of people get preferential treatment in the name of racism?

Judicial Watch, a conservative group that files FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and lawsuits to hold government officials and agencies accountable, recently received 48 pages from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that included a presentation titled “Race and Gender Bias Microaggressions.”  They define microaggressions as “verbal and nonverbal behaviors” that “communicate negative, hostile, and derogatory messages to people rooted in their marginalized group membership (based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc.)”.  It states that microaggressions are more subtle than using “racial epithets or displaying swastikas.”  A section titled “common race-based microaggressions in the workplace” depicts people saying various things such as: “When I look at you, I don’t see color”; “There is only one race, the human race”; and “When it comes to race, I am colorblind.”  While a female of color is shown receiving the message as “denying a person’s racial/ethnic experience”; “Assimilate to the dominant culture”; and “Denying the individual as a racial/ cultural being.”  In another slide, a white male says: “All lives matter,” but the hijab-wearing girl supposedly perceives it as: “Ignoring systemic racism, such as in police interactions.”  Is this CRT training just controlling us and monitoring what we say and how we say it?  This “training” or indoctrination reminds me of what the Marxist, Saul Alinsky said, “He who controls the language controls the masses.”  Is this the type of training Governor Holcomb’s DEI officer will enforce throughout Indiana?  It seems Biden is allowing CRT training throughout the federal government.  President Trump had learned about it and had stopped it.

The Biden administration announced the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board a few weeks ago to monitor and respond to a broad range of false information “that threatens the security of the American people.” The Board has many similarities to  Orwell’s, 1984, Ministry of Truth.  The American public has reacted negatively to this blatant attempt at controlling our speech.  There has been speculation that what will be charged as disinformation will be slanted in favor of speech that supports the administration’s policies.  This anticipated bias is already seen in the mainstream and social media using systemic language control.  Thankfully, the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security has reportedly just halted its “Disinformation Governance Board” after three weeks of public outcry. Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s pick to lead the board, has resigned.

Meanwhile, what is ignored are the many racist events against whites.  We even see the bishops, the media, and even our President skewing, editing, or spinning events to make them seem like racism against minorities.  For example, the bishops attacked Nick Sandmann when he was confronted at the Lincoln Memorial by a Native American at the March for Life in 2019.  They condemned him and his fellow Catholic students based on a severely edited video by the media.  The racism at the Memorial was twofold and aimed solely at white kids by ethnic minorities.  The Native American was beating a drum in Nick’s face and he and his fellow students kept their cool and maturely treated the situation.  They were also being attacked by the Black Hebrews Israelites’ hate-filled heckling.  The students responded with school cheers and chants which was admirable yet our bishops chose to attack these Catholic kids and side with the narrative they created in their Open Wide Our Hearts policy propaganda.

The USCCB’s website also has four articles promoting BLM.  The articles are biased and misleading, racist in fact, but the authors don’t recognize their own racism. They continually compare today’s events with the very real racism against Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement.  They also accept the woke attitude that every black death at the hands of police (even when officers involved are black) proves that police are systemically racist, a lie.  In February 2021 BLM and Antifa marched in D.C. attacking diners and chanting, “Burn it down”.  They have acted in other cities as well and yet anti-white racism is ignored by our bishops. Their Open Wide Our Hearts narrative only supports whites as the only ethnic group capable of racism.

We also saw Waukesha, WI ignored by the media and our bishops even though it was clearly racist.  The perpetrator of the Christmas massacre in Waukesha, WI made no bones about his racist hatred.  He deliberately targeted whites who were enjoying a Christmas parade, killing five and injuring over 40 some of whom were kids. Where was the outcry?  Yet we endured months of coverage of the death of Trayvon Martin who was beating George Zimmerman and smashing his head against the sidewalk when Zimmerman, in self-defense, fired his gun.  Zimmerman – a Hispanic man – was attacked as a racist and had to defend his actions in court.  Although he was exonerated, one of the articles on the bishops’ website still describes him as “a murderer”.

More recently we had the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was portrayed in the media as a violent racist even though his attackers were white.  Kyle was in Kenosha to help those who might be hurt as he has some emergency training and to help defend his friend’s dad’s car dealership since Kenosha was being destroyed by rioting, looting, and burning by BLM and Antifa members.  Did we hear the bishops say anything?  I guess that incident did not fit their narrative.  Biden and the media dropped the racism narrative as soon as the tape was viewed and we saw the attackers were white.

Many hate crimes against whites are ignored.  The FBI recorded 761 total incidents of hate crimes with an anti-white bias.  In 2020, the number jumped to 1,072, including a 22% percent increase in “simple assaults” with an anti-white bias and a 34% increase in “aggravated assaults” with an anti-white bias.  The offense with the biggest increase was “intimidations” with an anti-white bias, which saw a 54% increase between 2019 and 2020.   Where are our bishops and the media reporting on racism or hate crimes against whites?  I guess when they are part of the woke agenda that is destroying our country, they are not very interested in helping the problem but in creating the problem.

Racism and bigotry cross all color lines.  We know the media race-baits and even our government from our President on down is touting systemic racism, but when our bishops do it, we need to call them on it.  Truly the woke bishops are enabling the absurd and the sinful.  Whatever happened to the lessons we learned when we were young that we are all God’s children?  When did skin color become so important?  If you know the color of a person’s skin, do you know anything about the person?  No. anyone who thinks skin color or race determines anything about a person is a racist.

Our bishops claiming that America is systemically racist is absurd.  In the past decades, more than three million black people have immigrated to America.   Are all these people fools?  Why would they come to a systemically racist country?  Are they ignorant of our systemic racism?  No, they know how lucky they are to move to America because it is America that is tolerant and nonracist.  It is mostly immigrants who are trying to defend our country from what they see as a Marxist assault since they have seen it before in their own countries.

Where have our bishops been in calling out the racism of Planned Parenthood?  They usually make sure to have their business in minority neighborhoods.  Blacks represent about 13 percent of the population but account for about a third of the abortions.  That is not just racism but black genocide and yet our bishops are silent.

Today the vilest race-baiters are Black/Hispanic liberals:  Don Lemon, AOC, Maxine Waters, and Ibram Kendi.  Kendi, the father of Critical Race Theory, is helping to destroy our children and divide our country.  CRT is compared to Mao’s Cultural Revolution which divided people by class where CRT divides by race. This man has written some of the most horrible things against whites.  He wrote during the nomination hearings of Amy Coney Barrett who adopted two black children from Haiti., ”Some White colonizers “adopted” Black children.  They “civilized” these “savage” children in the “superior” ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.” How does he not sound racist by projecting his ideology onto Barrett and her family?

Kendi also wrote an article about dishonest whites applying to colleges claiming to be black.  Think about that. Why would they do that if they have white privilege?  We know they thought they had a better chance of admission if they belonged to a minority group.  They are right.  It is the minorities who have the privilege and Kendi realized he was undercutting his narrative so he canceled his article.  We see Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American to get into school because she too knew that being a minority gave her privileges.  One of the groups suffering the most from discrimination is white males. Yet the mostly white male bishops continue to harp on systemic racism and white privilege.  They like to talk about unity but, behind the scenes, they foster division.

Our bishop’s ad hoc committee on racism could be a good idea if it educated fairly and preached Christ’s call that we are all equal as children of God.  Instead, it limits it to racism against Blacks, Indians, and Hispanics and plays into the hands of the secular, woke culture. Liberals today make everything about racism because it serves their agenda.  Hatred is the tool of the tyrants.  It is also the tool of Cultural Marxism.

Racial hatred, class hatred, and political hatred are used to squash freedom of speech and destroy our Constitution and America. Today we even see bigotry against thought and control of our language.  Those who criticize CRT or Biden’s policies, like open borders, are found guilty of racism and labeled haters.

Freedom of speech and religion are systematically being taken away from us. Though we realize that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party work together to spin a web of lies, we never expected our Bishops to collaborate.

Our bishops should stop enabling this Woke agenda and actually preach the gospel. Ultimately, it is time to stop contributing to the divisiveness and seek real solutions. History has shown – with Mao’s Cultural Marxist Revolution and Hitler’s Nazi bigotry – that hatred and division destroy a free society.  Failure to stop promoting division may lead to the end of Americans’ first amendment rights in our lifetimes.  Our Bishops should focus on preaching respect for all members of the human family created in the image of God.

Pray for our bishops and priests because what they are contributing with their actions and inactions could in the end destroy the Judeo Christian foundation of America and western civilization.