2020 was a difficult year.  It was a year that upended our lives in many ways.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought fear as we were informed of deaths and cases every day. We had our routines changed and our Church services and schools cancelled.  As things seemed to settle down we endured riots in many cities and were introduced to groups like BLM.  We saw cancel culture up close and personal as our own church suspended Fr. Rothrock for warning about BLM.

2020 was the year where the actions of our political leaders, media organizations, and big tech made it difficult to find what was really true while highlighting threats to our freedoms. 2020 showed us the stark reality of dictators deciding what was best for us and in so doing we saw nursing home residents killed because of executive decisions of Governor’s like Andrew Cuomo.  We saw many small businesses shut down while big stores were allowed to remain open. The result was many businesses, some family owned for generations closed for good.  America’s small business back bone was being destroyed.  2020 in many ways showed us how important our First amendment rights are and how easily they can be taken away.

2021 seems to be a continuation of 2020 craziness.  We still have COVID-19 but now new variants and questions being raised if we need a 3rd vaccine.  We even have a new president who many question if he was really elected.  So we saw riots at the Capitol.  We saw for the first time in our history national guard sent to protect our nation’s capital and even a wall built around the Capitol so only a few are allowed in.  America does not seem like the same country but instead a country governed by elite and not the American people.

Our new president seems to contradict everything that he says he stands for.  During the election he said the signing of executive orders(EO) is a sign of a dictator but once elected proceeded to sign 40 plus EO’s in his first week in office.  He has reversed the Mexico City policy which makes us pay for abortions around the world. Biden supports the green new deal but canceled the Keystone XL pipeline which in so doing creates a less environmentally friendly way to move oil.  He not only is willing to lose American jobs with this EO but also the oil which will now go to China.  He has also stopped fracking on federal lands and so America is no longer energy independent. Biden says he is serious about reducing the spread of COVID-19 and even threatened to restrict travel to Florida yet he opens up our border to illegal immigrants without any plan to test them.

He emphasizes his Catholic faith yet supports abortion, same sex marriage and paying for transgender surgery in the military.

What can we, as Catholics in Indiana, do as our tax dollars go toward things that are morally objectionable or we see our country being destroyed?  We can contact our leaders and hold them accountable. Patrick Henry said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Catherine of Sienna said, “Speak out with a thousand tongues, I see the world is evil because of silence.”

CUP is here to help you use your voice and be more vigilant.  We will keep you informed about the bills our state and federal representatives are considering that affects our faith and families.  Our goal is to help you understand the facts and help our elected leaders do what is best for the citizens of Indiana and our country.

So stayed tuned for future communications from CUP!