The Indianapolis area 40 Days For Life Campaign held its closing event on Friday, March 26th outside the Planned Parenthood facility located at 86th Street and Georgetown Road.  An enthusiastic crowd of more than 70 prolife supporters gathered to hear Dr. Haywood J. Robinson, a former abortionist turned prolife advocate, who serves as the national 40 Days for Life’s Director of Medical Affairs & Education.

Pro-life work has become a passion for this family practice physician since his 1986 conversion.  Based in Bryan, Texas, Dr. Robinson travels the country speaking to groups about the evils of abortion itself and the damage it inflicts on women, families and communities.  He highlighted the disproportionate damage to the African-American population and abortion’s roots in the eugenics movement advocated Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.


Abortion is not healthcare.  Pregnancy is not a disease but a normal stage of human development,” he told the crowd.


It was announced that the Indianapolis 40 Days For Life campaign produced four (4) “SAVES” and one “hopeful.” Local leaders recently reported that more than 20 local parishes, churches and organizations provided 500 participants who offered 800 hours of prayer.  Nationally, 454 total “SAVES” were reported along with the closing of two (2) abortion facilities.


Special thanks were extended to the Great Lakes Gabriel Project, Indiana Knights of Columbus, the Women’s Care Center, the Sidewalk Counselors and others who provided administrative and technical support.


For more information, contact 40 Days For Life Indianapolis leader, Timothy O’Donnell, at: