“Adherents of radical feminism are five decades into a powerful campaign that seeks to shape the way American women think. Politics, fashion, Hollywood, academia, and media propagate a singular vision of womanhood, relying on savvy use of optics, messaging, and even make-up. These radical feminists have done a remarkable job of silencing or sidelining their critics.

Ironically, whether they know it or not, feminists’ unspoken premise insists men are superior to women and women must become like them in the pursuit of equality. Therefore, to be equal, women must be able to eliminate the consequences of sex, like men, and rid themselves of unborn children through unrestricted abortion. Abortion is the crux of most women’s policy issues and is at the heart of the greatest political divisions in the United States…”

Excerpt taken from “Meet The Flyover Women Pop Culture Ignores” article, published by Carrie Gress in The Federalist| June 28, 2021 | https://thefederalist.com