“The arrival of Traditionis Custodes is nothing less than a declaration of total war against traditionalist Catholics everywhere. Much more than that, however, it is a direct attack against all faithful Catholics of good will, regardless of our liturgical preferences. This is not just another “trad issue”—this is a Catholic issue, and one which concerns all of us. Agitated and alarmed by the explosive growth in traditionalist circles, the Holy Father has deemed it necessary to intervene in a manner notably absent of the “mercy,” “accompaniment,” and “synodality” which he loves to preach. (For a pontiff who criticizes traditionalists as rigid, Traditionis Custodes is a remarkably asperous document.) I say all this, moreover, not as a regular attendee of the Traditional Latin Mass but simply as a young, orthodox Catholic, one who currently chooses to attend a reverently-celebrated Novus Ordo. “

Excerpt taken from A Time for Anger article, published by Clement Harrold in Crisis Magazine July 20, 2021